Webhosting Offers
Webhosting Offers
Webspace starting at 2.99 € per month
.de / .eu / .com / .net
.org / .info / .biz / .at

Domains from 6.66 € per year:

Included Traffic
TLDs included
FTP Users
Own error pages
Folder protection
Gameserver status page
10 GB
500 GB
2.99€ / month
20 GB
1000 GB
4.99€ / month
50 GB
2000 GB
7.49€ / month
100 GB
4000 GB
1 (.de, .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org)
9.99€ / month

Rent your webspace at NGZ-Server.de and design your own website

You can rent several different webspace packages at NGZ and create your own web appearances. You can also rent your own Domain like (.de, .eu, .com) and add own Email addresses. Free FTP accounts are included as well to upload and download files to your webspace. The included MySQL databases are used to host your own Blog or Board. If your web project grows bigger than you have expected than you can easly upgrade to a bigger package at any time.

Comparison of the webspace packages

Which package is the best one for your needs? You can easily find it out with our comparison. We recommend the Entry or Large package for starters that want to try or experiment with their first website. Advanced users that require more demanding solutions should take our XL or XXL package. Just compare the included features and see what fits you the most.

All webspace services included PHP7 support and most of its extensions to install your website. PHPMyAdmin is pre-installed on all webspaces and you can immediately access your databases.

Create your website

Even tho you can still create your own website in HTML most people use a CMS (Content Management Solution) like WordPress or Joomla with many predesigned templates and features that allow you to publish your project in the fastest and easiest way. You can also customize these pre-made features to match your needs.

Mail and Webmail

Become your very own email provider. The smallest package already comes with 5 free mail accounts. You can use these mail accounts to access your emails with popular mail clients like Outlook and Thunderbird by Imap or POP3. If you want to you can use our own Webmail service as well and access your emails directly from within your browser.

Domains (tld) for your webspace

You can add a domain to every webspace package. Our XXL package already has one free Top-Level-Domain (tld) included. Additional Domains like *.de, *.com, *.net, *.info and many more can be added to your website and emails as well.

NGZ is your webhosting provider for emails, homepages and domains. Rent your own webspace today at NGZ!
Accepted Payment Methods
Domains @ NGZ

Your own domain at NGZ

available within 24 hours

.DE Domain
0,56 € each month
.EU Domain
0,84 € each month
.NET Domain
1,09 € each month
.COM Domain
1,09 € each month
.ORG Domain
1,09 € each month
.INFO Domain
1,25 € each month
.BIZ Domain
1,25 € each month
.AT Domain
1,67 € each month
.ES Domain
1,67 € each month
.ME Domain
2,09 € each month
.LOL Domain
2,92 € each month
.WTF Domain
3,33 € each month

Domains have to be ordered for 12 months.
Online account credits and donations

The new account system at NGZ.

Order your server and use it as long as you have funds on your online account. Once the credits are used up your server will simply be shut down. There is no need to cancel it. Simply add funds to your account for the time that you want to use your server. You can also use the funds to rent other services. Easy and simple - this is the gameserver hosting of today.

Donation system
Use our donation system to finance your servers. Just use the donation link - that you can find in your webinterface - and place it on your website or give it to friends. Anyone of your community or your clan can donate to your server by following the link and select an amount and the desired payment method.
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