• vserver_small.jpg
    2 vCores and 2 GB Ram
    incl. traffic flat
    GSI and Plesk available
    200 GB HDD space
    from € 6.99 / month
  • vserver_medium.jpg
    5 vCores and 6 GB Ram
    incl. traffic flat GB
    GSI and Plesk available
    500 GB HDD space
    from € 14.99 / month
  • vserver_large.jpg
    10 vCores and 16 GB Ram
    Traffic flat
    GSI and Plesk available
    750 GB HDD Space
    from € 19.99 / month
  • thumbnail_voiceserver.jpg
    Only 0.15 € per slot
    Instantly online
    No traffic limit
    Downloadrate up to 100 Mbit
    Powerful servers
  • thumbnail_gamecloud.jpg
    Game Switch

    All mods included

    all of your gameservers stay simultaneously online
    No setup fee or hidden costs
    from 5.99 €
  • thumbnail_payment.jpg
    PaY and PlaY - instant
    Safe and comfortable payment
    Paypal, Paysafecard
    SOFORT Banking
    GiroPay, Skrill
vServer Small
2 vCores and 2 GB Ram
Traffic Flatrate
GSI and Plesk available
200 GB HDD Space
1 Backup included
from 6.99 € / month
one time setup fee: 0.00 €
vServer Medium
5 vCores and 6 GB Ram
Traffic Flatrate
GSI and Plesk available
500 GB HDD Space
3 Backups included
from 14.99 € / month
one time setup fee: 0.00 €
vServer Large
10 vCores and 16 GB Ram
Traffic Flatrate
GSI and Plesk available
750 GB HDD Space
5 Backups included
from 19.99 € / month
one time setup fee: 0.00 €
vServer Power Large
16 vCores and 24 GB Ram
Traffic Flatrate
GSI and Plesk available
1000 GB HDD Space
10 Backups included
from 29.99 € / month
one time setup fee: 0.00 €

Virtual Server Rental for Game Servers

vServers from game server professionals

NGZ offers you various platforms to operate game servers, web servers or voice servers. The vServer is the cheap alternative to a dedicated server. Let your projects be implemented on the vServer, inexpensively without investing your money on a root server. In addition, a vServer can be rented as an inexpensive storage medium for your photos or music.

All our VServer offers use KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization technology.

Virtual Server Rental – You have the choice

We offer you different vServer configurations. We offer the suitable performance need, from a vServer S (small) good for small game servers and websites, on to a vServer M up to a vServer L where large projects and portals can be operated. The servers are delivered with Linux and have a web interface for administration of servers and services; operated on the vServer.

Virtual Server or dedicated server?

What is the difference between vServers and dedicated servers?
A vServer is an entity on a hosting system, which is divided into several vServers. Thus, you can rent several servers with root privileges. This reduces the price for the server but offers the same possibilities as a dedicated server. A root server gives you the full power of the host system for your projects. The vServer builds the bridge between a simple game server and a less expensive one unlike dedicated servers, which are for many people either too big or too expensive. Before you want to rent a vServer server one should ask himself, so how much performance is actually needed and is the performance of a virtual server enough for my projects.

Features and support for your virtual server

Our high-end servers enable a reliable and stable operation on your virtual server.
As a host system we employ hardware specifically designed for the operation of a vServer, which have been extensively tested by us. Our redundant designed network always provides you the best possible performance along with our redundant designed power supply in our datacenter giving your vServer the power it needs without any unnecessary outages.

If you need help with your virtual server, our support team is there for you and available at any time via hotline or ticket system. You can make use of our Remote Hands Service for more complex installations and problems; one of our specialists will then promptly deal with your problem and restore operation.

Make the right choice and rent your own virtual server from NGZ!
Accepted Payment Methods

Additional software

Installing Gameserver and Voiceserver becomes child's play

The NGZ Gameserver Interface (GSI) is a Webinterface between your rented Rootserver or virtual Server and the NGZ backend.
Gameserver Interface
You can easily install, restart and configurate new Gameservers with simply clicks done in your webinterface. No Linux knowledge required.

No Server limitations

You can install as many Gameservers as you like and have them running at the same time.
The performance only depends on the installed Gameservers and your rented hardware.

Gameserver Interface
Domains @ NGZ

Your own domain at NGZ

available within 24 hours

.DE Domain
0,56 € each month
.NET Domain
0,84 € each month
.EU Domain
0,84 € each month
.COM Domain
1,09 € each month
.ORG Domain
1,09 € each month
.INFO Domain
1,25 € each month
.BIZ Domain
1,25 € each month
.AT Domain
1,67 € each month
.ES Domain
1,67 € each month
.IT Domain
1,67 € each month
.ME Domain
2,09 € each month

Domains have to be ordered for 12 months.
Online account credits and donations

The new account system at NGZ.

Order your server and use it as long as you have funds on your online account. Once the credits are used up your server will simply be shut down. There is no need to cancel it. Simply add funds to your account for the time that you want to use your server. You can also use the funds to rent other services. Easy and simple - this is the gameserver hosting of today.

Donation system
Use our donation system to finance your servers. Just use the donation link - that you can find in your webinterface - and place it on your website or give it to friends. Anyone of your community or your clan can donate to your server by following the link and select an amount and the desired payment method.
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