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add Teamspeak 3
full admin control
No background knowledge req.
No server limitations
Easy and convenient

The NGZ Gameserver Interface

Installing Gameserver and Voiceserver becomes childplay

The NGZ Gameserver Interface (GSI) is a Toolkit that communitcates between your rented Linux Rootserver or vServer and provides you the ability to install several gameserver or teamspeak3 server without any required background knowledge.

Selecting a game and configurating the gameserver or voiceserver is easily done in our clearly designed webinterface. You do not have to take care of the set-up or security of your gameserver because everything is getting done fully automated in few minutes.

Also you don't have to install the Gameserver Interface on your own and it's getting done automatically.
There is no need for Linux or Gameserver background knowledge.

Just 1 simply click - and the installation of the gameserver starts.
Set up a Password for the gameserver and you have a protected server for clanwars and friends.
One little change and your teamspeak server has additional slots.

No limitations for the amount of gameservers

It's up to you how many gameservers you want to install.

Theoretically you can run infinite gameservers at once.
Please note that the performance of the gameservers depend on your used hardware and the additional services that are running. Low end hardware or too many services may interfere with your overall gameserver performance. If this happens you can easily uninstall not needed gameservers or order a stronger Rootserver / vServer.
Everything can be done as well with just 1 click.

Clear overview of all installed Gameservers

There is an overview of your gameservers or voiceserver in your webinterface.

If you manage several Rootservers or virtual Servers with our GSI you can have a look at the details of every server in separate lists.

The real server IP was blurred out for demonstration purposes.

You can find additional information in the detailled view of every rootserver or vserver:

Create a new gameserver with only 1 click

You can install new games with just a simple click.

Select your game from our list and insert the desired slot number.
Adding a alternative port for the gameserver is also possible:

Optional Gameserver Configuration available

You can immediately join your new gameserver after the installation was completed. But we recommend to take a look into your gameserver configuration and change the config or set up a password.

Simple designed menus and many info boxes will guide you on your way:

Live stats for you or your website

You can access the live stats of your gameserver anytime.
Depending on the currently installed game you can get additional details, like active players or frags.

This info can easily be embedded in your clan website:
GSI - Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the GSI?

GSI is short for Game Server Interface.

You can use our proven and tested Webinterface to install and administrate Gameserver and Voiceserver on your very own Root or virtual server.

This means: no complicated Install or Updates.

The GSI provides you the ability to install a gameserver or voiceserver onto your root / vserver machine with just a simply click. There is no need for background knowledge regarding Linux or the gameserver engines. The GSI is the perfect match for customers that like to run their own gameserver but are unsure whether they can manage to do the whole administration and all updates for the server.

Do I have to install the games on my own?

No, the whole install routine is automated by the GSI.
You simply select a game, click on install, wait for a very short time and after that you can join your newly created gameserver.

Do I need background knowledge?

Not necessarily. The GSI was built to install gameservers without any required background information.

There is no need to dive into Linux or the gameserver engines. Background knowledge may help you once it comes to set up special configurations like the max_roundtime or minecraft parameters. These settings can easily be adjusted in your webinterface or directlly on the server.

Can I install all existing games?

Due to technical reasons you can only install Linux based gameservers.
You can see a list containing all games on the right side of this page.

Please note that some games have a different maximum for the possible slots. For example you won't be able to install a Left4Dead server with 64 slots.

Is there a limitation to the maximum amount of gameservers?

No, you can install as many games as you want to.

Is there a limitation retarding Teamspeak 3?

You can only install one TS3 server without an own licence.

Does NGZ-Server guarantee that all gameservers run without lagging?

Unfortunately we cannot have give a guarantee for the performance of the gameservers like we do with our standalone or Cloud product. The performance depends on the used hardware in your Root or vServer, how many players are currently playing on the gameserver or how many other services you are running.

If you install too many gameservers on a weak system then the gameservers might start to lag.
If this happens to you we recommend to uninstall unneeded gameservers or rent a stronger machine.

What does the GSI consist of?

The GSI is a Toolkit that provides connections between the webinterface and your Root or vServer.
Basically it contains a FTP tool and several scripts which are not having any impact on your overall performance or security of your machine
GSI Games available: 196
* MC Mod After Humans (v1.3)
* MC Mod Attack of the B-Team (v1.0.12c)
* MC Mod Bevos Tech Pack (2.7.1)
* MC Mod Bevos Tech Pack (Reborn-BetaX Hotfix)
* MC Mod Big Dig (v1.3.9)
* MC Mod Blightfall (2.1.5)
* MC Mod Bukkit
* MC Mod Bungeecord
* MC Mod Cauldron 1.7.10 (v1614.201)
* MC Mod Classic
* MC Mod Crash Landing (1.1.3)
* MC Mod Crazy Craft 3 (3.0)
* MC Mod Crundee Craft (1.0.23)
* MC Mod DNS Techpack (v10.3.0.5)
* MC Mod EpicCraft (v1.1.1)
* MC Mod Forge 1.10 (v12.18.2.2000)
* MC Mod Forge 1.10.2 (v12.18.3.2511)
* MC Mod Forge 1.11.2 (
* MC Mod Forge 1.12 (v2443)
* MC Mod Forge 1.12.1 (v2485)
* MC Mod Forge 1.12.2 (v2838)
* MC Mod Forge 1.13.2 (v25.0.54)
* MC Mod Forge 1.14.2 (v26.0.16)
* MC Mod Forge 1.14.4 (v28.1.10)
* MC Mod Forge 1.15.1 (v30.0.7)
* MC Mod Forge 1.6.4 (v9.11.1.1345)
* MC Mod Forge 1.7.10 (v10.13.4.1614)
* MC Mod Forge 1.7.2 (v10.12)
* MC Mod Forge 1.8 (v11.14.3.1521)
* MC Mod Forge 1.8.8 (v11.15.0.1655)
* MC Mod Forge 1.8.9 (v11.15.1.1890)
* MC Mod FtB Agrarian Skies (v3.1.4)
* MC Mod FtB Agrarian Skies 2 (2.0.5)
* MC Mod FtB Ampz (v2.0.4)
* MC Mod FtB Beta A (v12)
* MC Mod FtB Beyond (v1.11.0)
* MC Mod FtB Blood n Bones (v1.1.5)
* MC Mod FtB Continuum (v1.6.0)
* MC Mod FtB Departed (v1.4.0)
* MC Mod FtB Direwolf20 1.10.2 (v1.12.1)
* MC Mod FtB Direwolf20 1.12 (v2.5.0)
* MC Mod FtB Direwolf20 1.5 V2 (v1.1.3)
* MC Mod FtB Direwolf20 1.6.4 (v1.0.23)
* MC Mod FtB Direwolf20 1.7.10 (v1.10.0)
* MC Mod FtB Galactic Science (1.6.2)
* MC Mod FtB Hermitpack (1.7.0)
* MC Mod FtB Horizons (v2.1.1)
* MC Mod FtB Horizons III (v1.8.1)
* MC Mod FtB Horizons: Daybreaker (v1.2.0)
* MC Mod FtB Infamy (v2.1.5)
* MC Mod FtB InfiTech 2 (3.2.17)
* MC Mod FtB Infinity (v1.11.2)
* MC Mod FtB Infinity Evolved (3.1.0)
* MC Mod FtB Infinity Evolved Skyblock (2.0.1)
* MC Mod FtB Infinity Lite (v1.8.0)
* MC Mod FtB Inventions (v1.0.2)
* MC Mod FtB Lite (v1.2.3)
* MC Mod FtB Lite2 (v1.1.9)
* MC Mod FtB Lite3 (v1.5.0)
* MC Mod FtB Mage Quest (v1.2.0)
* MC Mod FtB Magic World (v7.2.0)
* MC Mod FtB Magic World 2 (v1.1.2)
* MC Mod FtB MagicFarm2 (v2.1.13)
* MC Mod FtB Mindcrack (v8.3.2)
* MC Mod FtB Monster (v1.1.2)
* MC Mod FtB New World (v.0.07)
* MC Mod FtB Pathfinder (v1.0.3)
* MC Mod FtB Presents Cloud 9 (v1.1.1)
* MC Mod FtB Presents CrackPack (1.1.0)
* MC Mod FtB RPG Immersion (v1.0.1)
* MC Mod FtB Regrowth (1.0.2)
* MC Mod FtB Retro SMP (v1)
* MC Mod FtB Revelation (3.2.0)
* MC Mod FtB Sky Factory 2.5 (2.5.6)
* MC Mod FtB Sky Factory 3 (3.0.15)
* MC Mod FtB Sky Factory 4 (4.0.8)
* MC Mod FtB Sky Odyssey (1.1.0)
* MC Mod FtB Slow s Stream (v1.0.0)
* MC Mod FtB Space Astronomy (1.6.5)
* MC Mod FtB Stoneblock 2 (1.16.0 )
* MC Mod FtB Techworld (v1.2.0)
* MC Mod FtB Techworld 2 (v1.1.6)
* MC Mod FtB Trident (v1.4.0)
* MC Mod FtB Ultimate (v1.1.2)
* MC Mod FtB Ultimate Reloaded (v1.9.0)
* MC Mod FtB Unhinged (v1.1.0)
* MC Mod FtB Unleashed (v1.1.7)
* MC Mod FtB Vanilla+ (v1.0.0)
* MC Mod FtB YogCraft (v1.1.0)
* MC Mod Genesis (v1.6)
* MC Mod HermitCraft (v1.0.1.1)
* MC Mod Hexx Reloaded (1.2.6a)
* MC Mod Hexxit (v1.0.10)
* MC Mod Hexxit 3 (v3.0.0b)
* MC Mod Industrial Age The Turning (9.7)
* MC Mod Journey to the Core (v1.9)
* MC Mod Jurassic World Revelations (1.0 Beta)
* MC Mod KCauldron 1.7.10 (v1614.201)
* MC Mod Life in the Woods Renaissance Basic (1.1.5)
* MC Mod Life in the Woods Renaissance Gronkh Edition (2.4)
* MC Mod Life in the Woods Renaissance Gronkh Edition (3.5)
* MC Mod Life in the Woods Renaissance Hungry (1.1.5)
* MC Mod Material Energy 3 (v1.4.5)
* MC Mod MoonQuest (v0.17.0)
* MC Mod Nephrite (v2.10)
* MC Mod Nero (1.8.5)
* MC Mod NeverMine 2 A New Hope (v2.4.9.9)
* MC Mod No Mod Update (wird nicht upgedated)
* MC Mod Nukkit
* MC Mod Paper (Build #235)
* MC Mod Pixelmon Mod (4.2.7)
* MC Mod Pixelmon Mod (5.1.2)
* MC Mod Project Ozone (v1.7.10S)
* MC Mod Project Ozone 2 (v2.4.0)
* MC Mod Resonant Rise (
* MC Mod Revolution (
* MC Mod Revolution 2 (
* MC Mod Running Red (v1.1.4)
* MC Mod SevTech Ages (v3.1.2)
* MC Mod Seven DayZ to Mine (666PR4)
* MC Mod Sky (1.3.1)
* MC Mod Skyfactory 2 AT Launcher (v2.4)
* MC Mod Spigot
* MC Mod Spigot (1.8)
* MC Mod Spigot (1.9)
* MC Mod SpongeForge 1.10.2 (v2477-5.2.0-BETA-2637)
* MC Mod SpongeForge 1.12.2 (2825-7.1.6)
* MC Mod Swordcraft Online
* MC Mod Tekkit 1.5.2 (v1.1.10)
* MC Mod Tekkit 1.6.4 (v1.2.9e)
* MC Mod Tekkit Classic (v3.1.2)
* MC Mod Tekkit Legends (v1.1.1)
* MC Mod Tekkit Lite (v0.6.5)
* MC Mod Tekxit 2 (v2.21)
* MC Mod The 1710 Pack (v0.9.8d)
* MC Mod The Cake Box (v1.0.4)
* MC Mod The City Reloaded (1.5)
* MC Mod The CrackPack (v2.0.3.0)
* MC Mod The Dark Trilogy (v1.0.8)
* MC Mod The Mad Pack 3 (v3.0.1)
* MC Mod Tolkien Craft 2 (2.9.4)
* MC Mod Tppi (v1.1.2a)
* MC Mod Ultra Hard Survival (v3.0.2)
* MC Mod Unabridged (v12)
* MC Mod Voltz (v2.0.4)
* MC Mod Who Is Your Daddy (1.6.9)
* MC Mod Yogscast (v2.9.3.4)
* MC Mod qCraft (v1.1)
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