Summer Spring Sale
No set up fees
Dedicated Server Playground
Intel Core i7-2600k
incl. 16 GB Ram
120 GB SSD / 1 TB SATA2
from 49.00 € / month
one time setup fee: 0.00 to 19.90 €
Dedicated Server Gamers Entry
Intel Core i7-2600k
incl. 32 GB Ram
2 * 120 GB SSD
from 79.00 € / month
one time setup fee: 0.00 €
Dedicated Server Gamers Choice
Intel Core i7 5820k
incl. 64 GB Ram
2 * 240 GB SSD
from 99.00 € / month
one time setup fee: 0.00 €
Dedicated Server Intel Business XL
Dual Intel Xeon E2620
from 128 GB Ram
500 GB SSD / 2 TB SATA2
from 159.00 € / month
one time setup fee: 0.00 €
Summer Spring Sale
Summer Spring Sale
Dedicated Starter Server*
Dedicated Entry
1 Core i7 @3GhZ
4 GB Ram
GSI and Plesk available
100 GB disc storage
1 Snapshot available
from 12,99 € / month
one time setup fee: 0,00 €
Dedicated Premium
2 Core i7 @3GhZ
8 GB Ram
GSI and Plesk available
200 GB disc storage
3 Snapshots available
from 24,99 € / month
one time setup fee: 0,00 €
Dedicated Large
4 Core i7 @3GhZ
16 GB Ram
GSI and Plesk available
400 GB disc storage
5 Snapshots available
from 34,99 € / month
one time setup fee: 0,00 €
Dedicated Power Large
8 Core i7 @3GhZ
32 GB Ram
GSI and Plesk available
800 GB disc storage
10 Snapshots available
from 59,99 € / month
one time setup fee: 0,00 €
Summer Spring Sale
Available dedicated server Services
Interface included*
SSL encoding available
up to 64 IPs*
Remote Hard Reset*
Custom Configuration*
Auto Installation
Efficient Cooling
Rescue System
KVM over IP
Power Supply
Hardware Upgrades*
Redundant Uplinks
Remote Hands
Direct Support
Telephone Support
Traffic Monitoring
Access Control
Own Mirrors
Accepted Payment Methods
Domains @ NGZ

Your own domain at NGZ

available within 24 hours

.DE Domain
0,56 € each month
.NET Domain
0,84 € each month
.EU Domain
0,84 € each month
.COM Domain
1,09 € each month
.ORG Domain
1,09 € each month
.INFO Domain
1,25 € each month
.BIZ Domain
1,25 € each month
.AT Domain
1,67 € each month
.ES Domain
1,67 € each month
.IT Domain
1,67 € each month
.ME Domain
2,09 € each month

Domains have to be ordered for 12 months.

Dedicated Server Rental with NGZ the Gaming-Server Hosting Professionals

Good value dedicated servers for you projects

You need multiple game and voice server or you host a bigger web project? For large communities or highly frequented web pages it can be worth to rent a dedicated server. Compared to a virtual server a dedicated server offers much more performance.

In direct comparision to a Virtual Server, a dedicated root server has the advantage of using the hardware exclusivly for your project. You will always have enough power, no matter if you want to host multiple gameserver, voiceserver or webpages. To rent a rootserver for big projects is usually the better and cheaper solution than renting single gameservers.

Dedicated Server administration

When renting a dedicated server you are fully responsible for the system, you are in charge since the servers are not managed and you will have full control over your dedicated server. We will however provide the most important tools for managing your root server. You can install game and voice servers through our web interface.
We also offer our reset system for the dedicated server through which you can boot a rescue system in case your server is running into issues. Our install system can also reinstall your root server at any time. All linux gameservers are available for free installation on our servers. Simply install the gameserver through our web interface and start playing.

Rent dedicated servers by for a good price.

Everyone can find the right server for his project by ngz, since we offer different performance classes. Every server differs from cpu power and memory to the size of the harddrive. We offer the right system for every need. Therefore you can rent the right root server for you without paying too much or getting less performance. A upgrade to a more powerful system is always possible to get the resources you need for your growing project. The traffic for our dedicated servers is completly included (traffic flatrate). On our page you will find a comparision of the servers and their power as well as the current prices.

Dedicated-Server features and support

Our high end servers offer you a reliable and stable operation of your gameserver, your voiceserver or your webpages.
Our redundant network provides the highest possible performance at any time. The power supply in our data center is redundant as well to supply your server with the necessary, failsafe power. Currently we offer Linux as an operating system and optinally windows for a cheap price.

Should you need help with your dedicated server our support team will stand apart at any time through our hotline or ticket system. You can also make use of our remote hands service for complex installations or issues. A specialist will have a look at your issue and solve it in no time.

Rent dedicated servers from NGZ! the gameserver professionals

Additional software

Installing Gameserver and Voiceserver becomes child's play

The NGZ Gameserver Interface (GSI) is a Webinterface between your rented Rootserver or virtual Server and the NGZ backend.
Gameserver Interface
You can easily install, restart and configurate new Gameservers with simply clicks done in your webinterface. No Linux knowledge required.

No Server limitations

You can install as many Gameservers as you like and have them running at the same time.
The performance only depends on the installed Gameservers and your rented hardware.

Gameserver Interface
Online account credits and donations

The new account system at NGZ.

Order your server and use it as long as you have funds on your online account. Once the credits are used up your server will simply be shut down. There is no need to cancel it. Simply add funds to your account for the time that you want to use your server. You can also use the funds to rent other services. Easy and simple - this is the gameserver hosting of today.

Donation system
Use our donation system to finance your servers. Just use the donation link - that you can find in your webinterface - and place it on your website or give it to friends. Anyone of your community or your clan can donate to your server by following the link and select an amount and the desired payment method.
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