Real brand hardware
Full power
Best hardware
Instant replacement of faulty hardware
Individual root servers
Full uplink redundancy

We solely use chosen hardware components

Real Servers
We offer you full quality servers and not only virtual servers that you have to share with other customers!
Through this our servers always offer a constant power and have no drops in their performance.

Full Power
Power and the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, this is why we always build our systems with higher performance than recommended to have reserves for future updates that could cause issues.

Instant replacement of defect hardware
In case of a hardware failure we instantly and free of charge replace the failed parts!
Through our own data center, short ways and the support office the replacement of the hardware can be performed in almost no time.

Individual Rootservers
In case of any special configuration wishes of root servers you can contact our support at any time.
We will be responding as soon as possible with suggestions to realize your request (no matter if it is about software or hardware).

Full Uplink Redundancy
Our servers are connected to multiple redundant switches and routers to guarantee accessibility in case of a failure.
Gameserver Hardware
We not only keep an eye on performance but also on reliability for our game servers.
To provide you with a stable gaming experience at any time we only build in performance tested brand hardware:

Intel Core i7-5820k CPUs
64 GB DDR4 Ram
High I/O SSDs
Intel 1000 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet Adapter

New titles are always tested on their performance on the current server configuration .
For very demanding titles we are improving our basic configuration to achieve the optimal performance.
Webhosting Hardware
Reliability and accessibility all around the clock is the main goal of our web hosting servers.

Your web space is therefore hosted on redundant hardware in the cloud on:
2 IBM Bladecenter
Equipped with 4 blade servers (max 14)

Every blade server itself is equiped with:
Dual Xeon Six Core
96 GB DDR3 ECC Ram

They are connected through fiber channel with a Equalogic SAN system
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