Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Häufig gestellte Fragen


What is the difference between a clanserver and a publicserver?

Clanserver need to have a password. This password may be announced on the clan homepage or the IRC-Channel, but may not be stated in the server name. Public servers do not have this requirement. Everyone can connect to the server without a password and therefor public servers are more frequently used and cause more traffic. Due to this they have a higher price.

What should I do if I have accidently deleted my whole games folder?

That is no problem. You can reinstall your server anytime from your webinterface.

What can I do if the gameserver get's stuck and can't restart?

All servers are checked frequently if they are still up and running. However it may still happen that there is a issue that needs to be fixed manually. In this case you can contact us with a ticket, in the IRC-Chat or by phone and we will handle the problem soon.

Is there a page that show's me what is currently happening on my server?

Yes, for example in our webinterface.
Also we offer a feature in our webinterface that allows you to easily embed the current server state in your homepage.

If I have a clanserver with a password, may I publish this password?

Yes, it is allowed to publish your password. You can do it for example on your website or IRC Channnel. But it is not allowed to have the password contained in your server name.

Can I switch my Minecraft server to other mods?

Yes you can switch between all installed mods in your webinterface. If you want we can also install mods that are not offered yet. To do so you can send us a support ticket with the name of the mod, the webpage and the download link.

Is the gameserver hardware fully loaded?

No, the gameservers are distributed on our hardware that we will always have a minimum workload. If all gameservers on a single maschine are fully played the CPU load won't exceed 30%. This is not a waste but a service to provide lag-free gaming and constant pings.

How are the gameservers updated?

Necessary updates are always installed regularly. You may as well install some updates on your own but errors may occur by doing so. Because of this we advise you to write a ticket and let our supportes install the update for you. Of course this service is free of charge.

Can I change the slot count on my server?

Yes because you have full Rcon and FTP access you can lower the slot count to any number. If you want to have more than the current max slots you may adjust the number with a little fee. You shouldn't change the max slot number that you have ordered because otherwise our monitoring tool will shut the server down.

What maps are on the server after the installation?

Only the basic maps are installted that come with the game / mod. You can easily install other maps with a FTP client, Webinterface or by using our Map-Pool.

Can I restart my gameserver on my own?

Yes, you can restart the gameserver in your webinterface which usually takes around 5 minutes. Depending on the game you can also restart with RCon ( in HL / CS the command is "quit" ).

Is there a ranking for my server?

Yes you can check your ranking with CSRanking. You get an E-Mail after activation with the URL to your ranking. This info is also in your webinterface. We are working on other ranking tools as well.

What setting is allowed for the HLGuard?

Are Ping-Booster allowed?

No, Ping-Booster, HL-Booster or other tools are not allowed. These do not work with windows systems and usually only cause a high CPU load, lags and bad pings.

Are bots allowed?

How can I connect a SourceTV server to the gameserver?

You will find a detailled manual in your webinterface.


Do I have to pay a setup fee if I use the offer to change my provider?

No, the setup fee does still apply. However it is advised to select a longer contract duration because the 25% or 50% discount is only applied during the selected contract duration.

How long is the discount of the provider-change offer valid?

The discount is valid during the selected minimum contract duration.

What is the contract duration depending on?

Die contract duration depends on your selected contract: you can adjust the setup fee with a longer duration. A minimum contract duration is usually not necessary unless a contract states a requirement.

Is there a minimum contract duration?

Yes, the minimum contract duration is one month.

Is there a setup fee?

If we are charging a setup fee it will be stated clearly on the order page of the gameserver.
As we always promise there are no hidden fees.

Is there a fee for the support?

No, the setup is free of charge.

Can I also rent gameservers outside of germany?

Yes, our servers may also be rent outside of germany.

Can I choose any servername?

Yes, only clanservers may not contain the password. For example:
"NGZ-Clanserver" with the password "clan" -> doesn't work
"NGZ-Clanserver" with the password "SER" -> doesn't work
"NGZ-Clanserver" with the password "secret" -> works

How long does the activation take?

Prepaid gameservers will automatically be activated after the payment has been received. Therefore they will be up and running within a few minutes after the order has been processed.

If you are using wire transfer as a payment method the server will be set up within 24 hours after the payment has arrived.

Is my gameserver going to be activated only on the 1st or 15th of the month when I have transfered the payment?

The server will be activated as soon as we receive the payment within 24 hours.

Is there a traffic limit?

No there is no traffic limit for the gameservers nor the FTP access.

Are there any other fees?

No there aren't any hidden fees. There is only the monthly gameserver rent plus the one-time setup fee.

Do I get any discount if I embed your name in my gameserver name?

Yes, you will receive a 10% discount on the montly server rent if you embed our name in your servername ( by ) and in the MotD ( provided by

Are there only password protected gameservers?

How much are the gameservers?

You can find an overview of the prices during the order, but you can have the price calculated for you as well.

Are there any servers so I can test my ping?

Yes. But we do not want to set up special "manipulated" servers. Therefor you can simply connect to any customer server and check the ping and quality on your own.

Do I get my payment back if I am not satisfied?

Yes, if you are not satisfied you can recede of the contract within 14 days and get your payment back. Afterwards the minimum contract duration is valid.
Please note that we reserve the right to charge the amount of 9,95€ as described in our terms and services.
For Prepaid servers we do not offer payback.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you try to log in with a wrong password you will see a "forgotten password" field. Simply enter you Email adress into this field and you'll receive your password.

What hardware and which operating system is used for the gameservers?

Regarding this question you may find the details in our hardware section.

Are the prices VAT included?

Yes, all prices are VAT included.

What is the difference between direct debit and bank transfer?

If you choose direct debit the server will get activated within 15 minutes ( during business times ). If you select bank transfer the server will be activated as soon as we receive your payment.

Why do I have to pay a setup fee?

We only have a setup fee within the 1 month and 3 month contracts. All contracts with 6 months or more are without a setup fee.

What kind of support do you offer?

The easiest way to contact us by using the ticket system in your webinterface.

Do updates have any fees?

No, the installed updates are free of charge.

Is there a support hotline?

Yes, the phone number is germany (0049) +09561 / 97 62 270

Do I have to pay for the traffic?

No, the traffic is free for gameservers.

Do I get an invoice copy if I have paid with bank transfer?

Yes, but not automatically. If you need a copy of the invoice simply send an E-Mail to with your customer number and the subject.

Do I get a credit if I embed your advertise on my website?

Yes, if you embed our advertise on your website and a customer orders a new gameserver by clicking on the ad you will receive a discount. Further details are in the discount section.

How can I get support?

You can contact us by phone, ticket system, IRC, Email or postal. Further details are in our contact section.

Do I have to be in a clan to order a gameserver?

No, anyone can order a gameserver.

What happens if I do not pay?

We will send a a payment reminder e-mail. If you do not react on this mail your server will get shut down and the unpaid invoice will get handled over to our collection agency.

I have paid for one month - how does it work with the following months?

You should transfer the payment between the 22th and 25th or between the 7th and 10th of each month so we receive it latest until the 1st or 15th of the following month.

How can I pay?

All details are listed in our accepted payment methods section.

Do I get webspace for my clan homepage?

Yes you do get 5000 MB storage with PHP and MySQL for your clan homepage.

What is included within the webspace?

The webspace contains PHP, MySQL and much more.

Do I get an advantage if I get new customers for you?

Yes, you can see all details in our discount section.

How can I rent a gameserver?

You do simply order the gameserver on our website. Everything is simple.

The FAQ didnt answer my question .. what can I do now?

If your question wasn't answered yet you can contact us in IRC ( #ngz ), by phone ( 09561 / 97 62 270 ) oder by mail ( ).

What do I have to do if my bank account has been changed?

You can change your bank account details in your webinterface.

Where are the gameservers located?

The servers are located in our datacenter in Düsseldorf. Further details are listed under the datacenter section.

Do I have to cancel the contract or will it stop after the minimum contract duration?

The contract has to be canceled. Otherwise the contract will extend itself with the selected payment period. There is a cancellation period of 30 days to the next booking period. The cancellation must be received in advance and in written form.


How can I contact the accounting?

From your webinterface on

By Email:

By Fax: 09561 / 87 11 46

By Phone: 09561 / 87 11 45

Can I donate credits to another user?

Donate by customer ID
You can send money to a server owner through his customer ID at any time.
It is sufficient to enter the 5-digit customer ID of the receiver into the field and chose an amount and payment method.
You can also leave your name and message with the donation.

Donate to a server ip
You can also donate without knowing the customer ID of the receiver.
A voice- or gameserver was really to your liking? Then enter the IP of the server to suprise the owner with a little donation.

You can find your personal donation URL in your webinterface under "my account"
You can also find more details here:


I have downloaded LAMPP*.tar.gz - how do I install it?

You don't. You can install MySQL, Apache and PHP with the packet manager APT.

I forgot my root password. How can I change it?

Boot the rescue system and check the active main partition with fdisk-l. You will recognize it due to the star. In this example /dev/sda2 will be the active partition:
mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/
chroot /mmt/
and change the password there.
After that leave with exit and reboot.

Only supporters may change the password and the service is charged with 9,99

My windows server only shows 8 GB space. Why is that?

Our automatic system installs only a 8 GB large C: partition. The other space of the HDD needs be formatted manually.

gamersflat - are there any special terms?

There is the term that the traffic is regarded as fair-use. This means that you can do all stuff regarding the game and clan actions but for example no massive filehosting. If there is a suspecion that this rule is violated we are allowed to log the traffic.

Gamersflat - what is allowed?

Everything is allowed that is somehow connected to the game or your clan.

What is a root server?

A root server is a complete machine. You can run any application you want and you are fully responsible for the administration of the server and its software.

Do I have to install everything on my own on the root server?

Basicaly you are in charge of the administration of your server on your own. But we offer a Gameserver Interface ( GSI ) to easily administrate voiceserver and gamerserver under linux. But note that this interface cannot completely replace the work of an administrator.

What can I install on a root server?

You can install every application that you want as long as it doesn't infringe given laws or our anti spam policies.

What is the game server interface

The game server interface (GSI) allows you do install game servers by using a webinterface in your browser. There is no linux knowledge required.

What is the remote hard reset?

A remote hard reset is the pyhsical activation of the power switch on your server. This is getting done by using specific third party peripherals.

How can I grant the support access to my linux root server without giving out a password?

You can use so-called SSH keys which always come in pairs. You can add the public part into the file '~/.ssh/authorized_keys'. Our support can now access your server with the private part of our key. You can remove the added line in the "authorized_keys" file any time to revoke our access to your server.

You can find more details about SSH keys or how to create your own over here:
* (englisch)

Our Remote-Hands SSH key:
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC8lpsNbKrMLM45g7TC9G6Ae+Qs289bMLdoaELkoeII151NuUG/Dl2Q+esLSsQ56VUg2n4q0354GSgJ/lihg7jl5GzDAmkPvi2cPZw0SGo3T8UwzjitI4i1CkrQx1kvsPxPvKL7F+/695LjZu8OFVbc2cmD+YYIkcbgAP6W6H0VD+TmUSr5dC6cB12MJ/xn3ChSU7uUNLwquZKwXlq2Z/POPPgIM9DYUXMY1utELgD8czWW+Ww647fuElnTELsvozkhVoUowROr4WFTNpzuPgq0TjvYriaLIK+R0cmL4C2k5XO1ckwWf1Km73S2ChcXBOHrr/fhRQk266Z+mIpySgK7

You can cope and paste these lines:
[ -d ~/.ssh ] || mkdir ~/.ssh
echo "ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC8lpsNbKrMLM45g7TC9G6Ae+Qs289bMLdoaELkoeII151NuUG/Dl2Q+esLSsQ56VUg2n4q0354GSgJ/lihg7jl5GzDAmkPvi2cPZw0SGo3T8UwzjitI4i1CkrQx1kvsPxPvKL7F+/695LjZu8OFVbc2cmD+YYIkcbgAP6W6H0VD+TmUSr5dC6cB12MJ/xn3ChSU7uUNLwquZKwXlq2Z/POPPgIM9DYUXMY1utELgD8czWW+Ww647fuElnTELsvozkhVoUowROr4WFTNpzuPgq0TjvYriaLIK+R0cmL4C2k5XO1ckwWf1Km73S2ChcXBOHrr/fhRQk266Z+mIpySgK7" >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

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