25% for changing your provider
up to 50% for new orders
up to 20% for paying in advance
Advertising discounts
Change provider
You already have a game server with another provider and you are unsatisfied?
We got the solution for you!

Any game server  *  you have with any provider  **  and whatever you pay for that! We will give you the same offer for at least 25% less  ***  !

All features included
Own web interface
500MB web space for free
Voiceserver for free
... etc

Who doesn't want to take that offer?

To use this special offer just send us a ticket after ordering with the subject "Provider Change" and attach a copy of the current bill. You can of course also send this copy via fax or letter.
Discount deals
10% "by" in server name
Having a clan or public server with us and setting "by" at the end of your servername, as well as putting this in the motd.txt, you will receive a 10% discount on your monthly rate.

50% for clan server
For every public server that you got you can receive a clan server for half of the price on top. The public server must have at least as many slots as the clan server and the clan server must have "by" inside the server name and motd.txt.

up to 10% for advance payment
5% for advance payment for 12 months
10% for advance payment for 24 months
* Only for games and products we currently offer, bouncer e.g. are not possible for technical reasons.
This offer is only valid for game servers.
** Provider changes only from providers that operate at least 6 months as a legal and official business and are no corporation of the Ettel GmbH or United Gameserver GmbH.
*** The discount is valid during the hole contract period!
This offer is only valid with "" inside the server name.
This offer can not be combined with any other discount offers.
Special offers do not qualify for this discount offer.
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