Das NGZ Rechenzentrum


All servers are hosted in our datacenter in Düsseldorf. This location provides an excellent infrastructure with a very high security standard.

The connection to the internet is provided by the 120 Gbit backbone of our sister company fibre one networks. That backbone is connected to other independent carriers like Arcor, Deutsche Telekom AG, Lambdanet, Colt, Cogent, Interoute Deutschland, ...). There are also peerings to other exchance points like DE-CIX and ECIX. Because of this we have a direct connection to all well-known ISPs like 1und1, Telefonica, Freenet, QSC and many more.

Due to a fully automated configuration and a redundant design we don't encounter online issues if a single carrier or router should blackout.

Our backbone consists out of several redundant Cisco 7609 routers. The routers itself are intern build with doubled and quadruple hardware components to guarentee no outages and one component alone already provides a very high availability. Because of our additional fall-back router system we can provide an availability of almost 100%.
The physical security of our data center area has a high priority. Our data centers are protected with a multi-level security system. This system starts with complete boundary fence made with barbed wire and ends with individual numerical codes for each rack and cage. The access to the datacenter is only possible for authorized customers with admission control. Unauthorised persons may only enter the datacenter after approval of eligible customers.

All relevant areas of the datacenter are provided with security cameras and archival storage of the records. Also all buildings are shielded with a burglar alarm system. Alerts are transmitted to two individual security companies over dedicated alert lines.

No outer info signs about the inner content of the buildings
Protocoled access by chip readers
Different levels of access authorisation
24/7 site supervision done by a security service
Additional security with numerical codes for each rack and cage
24/7 video surveillance of the full area and buildings
Redundant cooling systems inside the datacenter provide reliable cooling of the IT. The redundant climate cabinets provide constant temperatures between 19 and 24 °C and controlled air humidity following the ASHRAE standards for IT. Due to the use of free cooling and cold / warm corridors our climate technique are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. The whole cooling is controlled 24/7 by seperated monitoring systems. Leak sensors and pressure monitoring report escaped coolant immediately.

Up to 2 kW cooling capacity for each m² in our datacenter
Redundant climate cabinets and recooling plants
Environmentally friendly cooling with cold / warm corridors
24/7 monitoring of the cooling and the pipes
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