No More Room in Hell
No More Room in Hell
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No More Room in Hell [NMRiH] Server

No More Room in Hell server rental

On the server, you are one of the last who survived the plague, and the victims are transformed on earth because there’s NO MORE ROOM IN HELL! These zombies flock together devouring and killing everything and everyone they encounter.

In order to survive, you must work closely with your teammates and together defend your sanctuary. This will be no easy task. You have neither a cross hair nor a HUD, hardly any ammunition and with a single bite, you’re infected.

Experience the horror No More Room in Hell on our NMRiH game server.
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HardwareWe spared neither expenses nor efforts to offer you high-end gaming pleasure. We give you
full-value servers instead of virtual servers, that you would have to share with other customers.
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