Unlimited slots
from 1 to 64 GB RAM
huge Mod pool available
Basic fee: €2,99
each additional GB ram: €2,00
NGZ Game Cloud Comparison

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Game Cloud Advanced
Game Cloud Basic

Your GameCloud Advantages

Order your desired slot amount
Distribute your slots to different servers
These servers are permanently online
You can start playing anytime

Immediately available once you need them
1 GB 2.99 €
2 GB 4.99 €
4 GB 8.99 €
8 GB 16.99 €
16 GB 32.99 €

Tested and certified
ESL ZertifiziertGameserver CheckGameserver Award
Our servers are ESL certified and cheat-safe.
Accepted Payment Methods

Minecraft Server Rental

We have developed a new system for Minecraft servers giving you even more freedom when you design your server. We now offer our server with up to 16 GB RAM and you can have as many slots as you want, even if you start with 1 GB RAM upgrading can be done at any time.

You can order optional databases, web spaces and domains for the server, even a TeamSpeak server at a special price of 15 cents per slots.
Minecraft server mods

All the mods that we offer can be switched at any time with every Minecraft server. If you need a mod that we don’t yet offer, you can request them to our Support team via ticket system. We will integrate your requested mods into our system as soon as possible. Just start the server with the mods via web interface.

Available MOD´s

Minecraft Mods:
Life in the Woods
Aether 2
Attack of the B-Team
A New Hope
Bevos Tech Pack
Big Dig
Cauldron 1.7.10
Crash Landing
DNS Techpack
Eigene Version
Forge 1.7.10
Forge 1.7.2
Forge 1.8
Forge 1.8.8
Forge 1.8.9
Feed the Beast Agrarian Skies
Feed the Beast Agrarian Skies2
Feed the Beast Ampz
Feed the Beast Beta A
Feed the Beast Blood n Bones
Feed the Beast Departed
Feed the Beast Direwolf 20
Feed the Beast Direwolf20 1.5 V2
Feed the Beast Direwolf20 1.6.4
Feed the Beast Direwolf20 1.7.10
Feed the Beast Direwolf20 1.10
Feed the Beast Electricity
Feed the Beast Galactic Sience
Feed the Beast Horizons
Feed the Beast Horizons: Daybreaker
Feed the Beast Infamy
Feed the Beast Infinity
Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved
Feed the Beast Lite
Feed the Beast Lite2
Feed the Beast Lite3
Feed the Beast Mage Quest
Feed the Beast Magic World
Feed the Beast Magic World 2
Feed the Beast MagicFarm2
Feed the Beast Mindcrack
Feed the Beast Monster
Feed the Beast New World
Feed the Beast Pathfinder
Feed the Beast Presents Cloud 9
Feed the Beast RPG Immersion
Feed the Beast Regrowth
Feed the Beast Resurection
Feed the Beast Retro SMP

Feed the Beast Slow s Stream
Feed the Beast Techworld
Feed the Beast Techworld 2
Feed the Beast Trident
Feed the Beast Ultimate
Feed the Beast Unhinged
Feed the Beast Unleashed
Feed the Beast Vanilla+
Feed the Beast YogCraft
Industrial Age The Turning
Material Energy 3
Project Ozone
Resonant Rise
Revolution 2
Rising World
Running Red
Seven Dayz to Mine
Skyfactory 2
Spigot Survival
Spigot 1.8
Spigot 1.9
Swordcraft Online
Tekkit 1.5.2
Tekkit 1.6.4
Tekkit Classic
Tekkit Legends
Tekkit Lite
The 1710 Pack
The Cake Box
The City Reloaded
The CrackPack
The Dark Trilogy
Ultra Hard Survival

Prepaid Minecraft server
We also offer prepaid servers… that means no annoying contract. Once the server isn’t paid for anymore, it will go offline.

Minecraft server updates
All mods and Minecraft servers are always kept up to date plus we install every update as soon as possible so you don’t have to wait.

Act now and test our Minecraft server!
Used Hardware
HardwareWe spared neither expenses nor efforts to offer you high-end gaming pleasure. We give you
full-value servers instead of virtual servers, that you would have to share with other customers.
Online account credits and donations

The new account system at NGZ.

Order your server and use it as long as you have funds on your online account. Once the credits are used up your server will simply be shut down. There is no need to cancel it. Simply add funds to your account for the time that you want to use your server. You can also use the funds to rent other services. Easy and simple - this is the gameserver hosting of today.

Donation system
Use our donation system to finance your servers. Just use the donation link - that you can find in your webinterface - and place it on your website or give it to friends. Anyone of your community or your clan can donate to your server by following the link and select an amount and the desired payment method.
Own server profile
NGZ server listYour game server comes with a free profil page that you can customize.

You can include own YouTube clips, upload images or post your SocialMedia ccounts and much more.
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