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all of your gameservers stay simultaneously online
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Cloud Basic
Cloud Advanced
ARK Survival Evolved
ARK Survival Of The Fittest (+3 Mods)
ArmA 2: CO
ArmA 2: Epoch
ArmA3 Altis Life (+2 Mods)
Battlefield 1942 (+9 Mods)
Battlefield 2 (+14 Mods)
Battlefield 2142 (+3 Mods)
Battlefield Vietnam
Beben 3 (+19 Mods)
Call of Duty (+13 Mods)
Call of Duty 2 (+7 Mods)
Call of Duty 4 (+12 Mods)
Call of Duty 5 (+4 Mods)
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior (+6 Mods)
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (+7 Mods)
Conan Exiles
Counter-Strike Source
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Dark Messiah
Day Of Defeat Source
Day of Defeat
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (+2 Mods)
Garrys Mod
Half-Life (+24 Mods)
Half-Life 2 (+7 Mods)
Just Cause 2
Killing Floor
Killing Floor 2
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2013
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2015
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2017
Minecraft (+128 Mods)
Natural Selection 2
No More Room In Hell
Quake 4 (+3 Mods)
RtCW: Enemy Territory (+10 Mods)
RtCW: Enemy Territory 2.55 (+2 Mods)
Shoot Mania (+4 Mods)
Tactical Ops Retail
Tactical Ops Retail 3.4
Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress Classic
Trackmania 2 (+3 Mods)
UT (+8 Mods)
UT 2003 (+6 Mods)
Unreal Tournament 2004 (+18 Mods)
Unreal Tournament 3 (+6 Mods)
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An unlimited amount of servers can be used in the game cloud at the same time.

The game server cloud from

The new gaming cloud from NGZ - get your servers not in our gaming cloud and experience the concentrated gaming power.

Over a hundred games and mods are available on our cloud. Within our game server cluster we always have the optimum power for your game server. No matter what servers you choose they will run smooth on optimized hardware for the chosen game. Stuttering and lags due to the hardware are avoided and are a thing of the past.

Change the chosen games on your own and at any time through our web interface. No matter if the server runs on a Linux or Windows basis, it will be set up in no time and runs perfectly.
Tested and certified
ESL ZertifiziertGameserver CheckGameserver Award
Our servers are ESL certified and cheat-safe.
Accepted Payment Methods
Used Hardware
HardwareWe spared neither expenses nor efforts to offer you high-end gaming pleasure. We give you
full-value servers instead of virtual servers, that you would have to share with other customers.
Online account credits and donations

The new account system at NGZ.

Order your server and use it as long as you have funds on your online account. Once the credits are used up your server will simply be shut down. There is no need to cancel it. Simply add funds to your account for the time that you want to use your server. You can also use the funds to rent other services. Easy and simple - this is the gameserver hosting of today.

Donation system
Use our donation system to finance your servers. Just use the donation link - that you can find in your webinterface - and place it on your website or give it to friends. Anyone of your community or your clan can donate to your server by following the link and select an amount and the desired payment method.
Own server profile
NGZ server listYour game server comes with a free profil page that you can customize.

You can include own YouTube clips, upload images or post your SocialMedia ccounts and much more.
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