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  • Overview
  • How to use our API
  • How to generate a token
  • API requests


We developed our api so that you can expand the features for you, your community or clan. It is possible to get your account information, get your donations and manage your server. For example your community/clan or visitors of your homepage can check if you got their donations and they see how much is still needed to pay the next invoice.

How to use our API

First you have to generate a token. Afterwards you may send an request to our API as descriped in API requests.

For PHP we recommend the GuzzleHttpClient. You can easily test all calls with the addon Postman® for GoogleChrome®

Notice: We require to send all API requests through HTTPS.

How to generate a token

  1. Go to your webinterface.
  2. Click on "API" in your navigations-bar.
  3. Click on "Create new token".
  4. Choose which rights the token should have.
  5. Create the Token.

API requests

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